Spectrum LGBTQ & Ally Employee Resource Group Of Notre Dame Transparent

Spectrum LGBTQ & Ally Employee Resource Group of Notre Dame launched in late 2016. Membership is wholly voluntary and open to all employees of the University who identify as LGBTQ, an Ally, or are otherwise interested in and supportive of the community.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion, focusing on providing a safe space for LGBTQ & Ally employees to come together for personal and professional development with an objective of promoting a campus-wide environment of welcome and mutual respect that is grounded in the University’s Catholic mission.

Our mission is to provide support to LGBTQ and Ally employees, to positively influence the campus community, and to serve as a resource to the University of Notre Dame. We will also assist the University in achieving its diversity and inclusion plan by creating awareness of our ERG, hosting events and networking opportunities, and providing innovative ideas for employee recruitment and retention.

The great thing about these groups is that they are inclusive. Each will open its doors for anyone who is passionate about the issues impacting the target audience of the group. I hope to see membership increase in our existing employee resource groups and for interest to grow in starting new groups to address any unmet need on campus.

-Eric Love, Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion, University of Notre Dame

Source: Employee-led groups assist University in recruitment, retention​​​​​​