About Us


Our mission is to provide support to LGBTQ and Ally employees, to positively influence the campus community, and to serve as a resource to the University of Notre Dame. We will also assist the University in achieving its diversity and inclusion plan by creating awareness of our ERG, hosting events and networking opportunities, and providing innovative ideas for employee recruitment and retention.


Membership is wholly voluntary and open to all employees of the University who identify as LGBTQ, an Ally, or are otherwise interested in and supportive of the community.

For more information, visit our Membership page.

Steering Committee

Chris Becker

Christine Becker

Chris is an Associate Professor in the Department of Film, Television, and Theater at Notre Dame who joined the faculty in 2000. She has been active in trying to support LGBTQ students via such previous endeavors as the 4 to 5 Movement and in providing connections back to campus for alumni in the GALA-ND/SMC group, and she looks forward to now helping LGBTQ employees and allies work together to foster greater diversity and inclusiveness on campus for all who work at ND.


 Heather Buelow


Heather is a laboratory manager in Biological Sciences, who joined Notre Dame staff in 2018. She's excited an LGBTQ  & Ally group for staff exists on campus, and is eager to continue building the group and an inclusive campus community.

Corinne Coia

Corinne Coia

Corinne joined the University of Notre Dame in June 2019 as the Assistant Director of Student Athlete Well-Being. She is passionate about fostering and improving student athlete well-being through holistic and inclusive approaches. Corinne has always been a support for LGBTQ students and looks forward to continuing to promote inclusiveness and diversity on campus.

Torence Witherspoon

Torence Witherspoon

Torence came to Notre Dame in July of 2018 and has been engaged in the Diversity & Inclusion initiative from his start. He is passionate about building community and engaging in public discourse about the issues we all face. He is excited to work toward building a Spectrum that welcomes everyone and seeks to engage all. 


Kyle Sturges


Kyle Sturges, Founding Director 

Kyle joined the University of Notre Dame in January 2016. Upon learning that an LGBTQ & Ally Employee Resource Group did not yet exist, he reached out to Human Resources, and the rest is history. Kyle is proud to have been involved in establishing Spectrum in the fall of 2016 and is grateful to his peers who assisted in developing the group charter, logo, and for their continued support of this initiative.

Kyle has since left the university, but Spectrum wishes to honor his founding contribution by preserving this description here.